Hyattsville Home to High Flying Artist

Arts district resident creates death-defying, beautiful works of choreography on the trapeze.

The Hyattsville Wire has a fascinating interview with local high-flying acrobat Andrea Burkholder. 

Her day job, as one half of the ensemble Arachne Aerial Arts, includes devising and executing beautifully choreographed performances which combines trapeze artistry, gymnastics and ballet. 

"We do not create work that is about the tricks, as circus work is," Burkholder told the Wire in an email interview. "But we do stay committed to using our apparatus as the means to convey our work."

The result is simply mesmerizing (for proof, see video above).

Burkholder, a resident of the Hyattsville Arts District, teaches her craft to all skill levels down at Joe's Movement Emporium in Mount Rainier.


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