Viewfinder: Summer Jam Brings Out Crowds

Hundreds gather in downtown Hyattsville for first Summer Jam of the season.

The sounds of classic rock tunes mixed with grill smoke wafting through downtown Hyattsville yesterday, as area residents gathered for the season's first Outback Steakhouse Summer Jam in front of the Hyattsville Municipal Building on Gallatin Street. 

Providing entertainment for the evening was the Fairfax, Va. based Magic Band, which entertained the crowd with a mix of classic rock tunes. Concert goers could also munch on burgers and imbibe on wine and beer.

Angela Moran, sister of one of the band members, said she was surprised to see how many youngsters were singing along to the music. For Moran, a baby boomer and longtime rock and roll fan, the displays of kids dancing to classic rock demonstrated the enduring nature of the genre.  

"Even in the moon bounce, the kids are going to the music," exclaimed Moran over the music. "This is now the third or fourth generation to enjoy rock and roll. It's a riot!"

Bladensburg resident Sheila Rice, sitting a table with more than a dozen friends from around the area, said she was looking forward to the start of the Summer Jam Series. 

"It's been great, and the crowd is much bigger this time," said Rice. "I'm not too much of a rock and roll fan, though. I came around before rock and roll."

One of Rice's friends, Jean Mahady of Beltsville, on the other hand, loved the music. 

"It's a great band tonight," said Mahady of the Magic Band as they performed classic rock covers. "We try to get other people to come with us because it's always a great time."

Next month, on Friday, June 8, Blues Condition comes to town. This Virginia group covers classic blues artists ranging from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Muddy Watters and beyond. They also put out a pretty heavy hot blues album Swinging Blues and Rockin' Roots Music. 


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