Viewfinder: Texture, Art and Poetry

ArtDC's Retold exhibition explores themes of gender, caricature and politics, all in downtown Hyattsville.

Asked to consider the third stanza of T.S. Eliot's Raphsody on a Windy Night, a group of nine mid-Atlantic artists premiered sculptures, photography and mixed media arts at the ArtDC Gallery yesterday in the Lustine Center on Route 1 in downtown Hyattsville.

The exhibit runs until Feb. 25, 2012.

The exhibit aims to transform Eliot's evocative words into a visual language. The very same stanza was also used as the basis for a 1961 exhibition, The Art of Assemblage, at the Museum of Modern Art. That exhibit featured the works of 140 top contemporary artists (Picasso, Man Ray, among others) who incorporated found objects into their work. 

The show features the works of photographers C. Mason, Michael Mendez, Carlos Fyfe, Jenny Wallace, Jesse Cohen, scultpurists Brian Slagle, Steven Dobbin, and mixed media artists Kristin Bohlander and Jeff Bohlander.


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