ABC7 Report Criticizes Gas Company's Handling Of Leaks

Some former workers are concerned about how the utility deals with its infrastructure.

Washington Gas will not be not be conducting an overall survey looking for leaks in its infrastructure for fear of finding new fissures, according to an internal memo noted in this report by the Dcist.

Imani Kazana, local activist and president of the Avonridge Community Development Corporation, has long worked to thwart Washington Gas's proposal for a liquefied natural gas storage facility at the company's Chillum Road location.

"The Avondale neighborhood in Prince George's County, on the edge of [Washington,] D.C., sits at the center of a spider web of outdated, high-pressure transmission pipelines, which leak frequently," Kazana stated in an email about the ABC7 report. "Other neighborhoods also need to investigate what lies below the ground."


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