Baskin-Robbins Hyattsville: 40 Years 'Happy'

Local ice cream shop strives to make an impact on the community.

Across the street from the is a colorful shop that sells more than 15 flavors of one of the world’s top-selling ice creams.

It's been a popular stop for local families for the past 40 years, summer, winter, spring and fall.

“Whether it’s snowing or raining, they don’t care,” owner Joseph Rollakanty said.

“In the evenings, families like to come,” Rollakanty said. "They have children? They got the promotion? They want to treat somebody? We’re a happy go-to place.”

Located at 3004 Hamilton St., is consistent and affordable. Rollakanty, who has owned the Hyattsville store since 2007, says he’s noticed a trend—generations of the same families stopping by.

“A lot of [people] will come and say, ‘Oh, when I was small my family used to bring me here,'” he said. “They come here because of quality and flavor. They don’t care about the prices. Before they come in, they come mentally prepared.”

Prices aren’t an issue at this Baskin-Robbins, however. Rollakanty claims to have some of the cheapest menu items in the Washington Metropolitan area.

“You see my kid’s scoop? It’s $1.99,” he said, pointing to the menu on the wall. A kid’s scoop of ice cream costs $2.69 in Takoma Park and $2.19 in Southeast Washington, D.C. “They say, ‘You’re crazy, you won’t make money.’ I just want to make Baskin-Robbins affordable to as many people as possible.”

Most of Rollakanty’s employees are students at local high schools and colleges who are new to the work force. He sees hiring young people as a good investment in the community and for the students’ futures.

“I not only give them jobs but also teach them how to build character," he said. "I make sure they have a good foundation. They learn how to talk to people."






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