Hyattsville Pay, Benefit Survey Goes to Bid

Hyattsville seeks proposals for study of city worker wages and benefits.

If you know a thing or two about municipal government employee pay and benefits, you might try to get in contact with officials at the city of Hyattsville. 

At this past Hyattsville City Council meeting on Monday evening, council members unanimously approved a request for proposals seeking a contractor to conduct a comparative survey of how the city compensates its workers. 

The study has attracted the attention of the Hyattsville Fraternal Order of Police lodge, which has urged city leaders to conduct the survey in an open and transparent manner.

The study would compare Hyattsville's wages and benefits with those offered by other, not-yet-determined, comparable benchmark municipalities across the state.

According to a timeline laid out by Hyattsville's Human Resources Director Chris Vermillion, the survey could be done by early next year. 


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