Megamart to Open Sixth Store

The supermarket chain caters largely to Latin American immigrants in Riverdale and nearby communities.

—the chain of grocery stores catering largely to Latin American immigrants in Riverdale and nearby communities—is expanding, the Washington Post reports.

The locally-owned company is set to open its sixth store in April at Adelphi Manor shopping center (2400 University Blvd.) in Adelphi.

The store will be twice the size of Megamart's typical supermarket, the Post reports, and will also carry a selection Caribbean, Indian, and African foods.

Megamart has been in operation since 2004. Its Riverdale location (5801 Riverdale Rd.) opened in 2008.

Read the full story here.

mariawolfe March 06, 2012 at 10:53 AM
You can also look up your local grocery store or online website Printapons and find a list of the best deals, and the sites will match sale items with coupons.


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