Metro Service Restored in Hyattsville

Riders should expect delays between Prince George's Plaza and Fort Totten Metro stations.

Update: 9 a.m. - 

Metro service has been restored to normal as of earlier this morning. An announcement posted to the WMATA website reads in full: 

"Metro customers on the Green Line can expect normal service this morning (Monday, July 9).  Crews have successfully returned to service a 1000-foot section of track that was damaged on Friday. Green Line trains are operating using both tracks.  

Heat-related speed restrictions on all lines have been lifted."

Original Article Below

Rail service between Fort Totten and Prince George's Plaza Metro stations has been restored following . But Metro officials warn commuters to expect delays as trains continue to single-track around the site of the derailment where crews are working to repair the railway.

The derailment, as it entered a tunnel approach the West Hyattsville Metro Station, saw three cars come off the rails. The resulting crash dealt a significant amount of damage to the tracks leading into the tunnel, shearing off the third rail from its moorings and scattering debris across the right-of-way. 

More than 50 passengers were evacuated from the train by rescue crews, including members of the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department, which reported first due to the scene of the derailment. Rescuers from HVFD then lead the evacuation efforts, first marching down the track from the West Hyattsville Metro Station to the hobbled train. Then guiding the passengers out of the train, through a tunnel and up onto the street through a tunnel fan shaft on the grounds of an apartment complex. 

There were no serious injuries as a result of the derailment, but one pregnant rider was taken to the hospital out of an abundance of caution. 

The crash shut down rail service between Fort Totten and Prince George's Plaza for a little more than two days as Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority investigators and engineers worked at the site, according to announcements sent out by WMATA. 


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