Northwestern HS Gets the Harlem Shakes

Popular internet meme spreads to Hyattsville high school.

It was bound to happen eventually: the Harlem Shake video meme spreading across the internet has arrived in Hyattsville courtesy of a group of Northwestern High School students.

A brief, 30-second video posted to YouTube on Feb. 14 bears all the hallmarks of the now all-too-familiar dancing video meme. It shows a group of eight people, presumably students at Northwestern High School, sitting idly on a set of exterior steps while a masked man dances alone in front of them to the now iconic opening 30 seconds of DJ Bauuer's Harlem Shake track. Halfway through the video, the bass drops, and the scene cuts to all the students dancing in a frenzied manner. 

If there are any other local Harlem Shake videos out there, feel free to let me know about them. 


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