Trending Now: The Word 'No'

My toddler's favorite word.

Not that you want your kids to be “yes” men, but sometimes hearing anything other than “no” would be a treat.

Here is a breakdown of my morning the other day:


Me: “Ok, let’s get ready for school, let’s put on your pants.”

Toddler: “NO!”

Me: “Do you want some Cheerios?”

Toddler: “NO!”

Me: “Do you want to have breakfast?”

Toddler: “NO! I want to play.”

Me: “Do you want to see your friends.”

Toddler: “NO!”


Then she thought about it for a little bit and asked if a particular friend would be there. When I assured her that yes, she would see that friend, she then said, “Yes!”

I have been told by teachers and other mother’s that this is a phase. She’ll assert her independence, but after a while the chasing-after-a-diapered-bottom-to-put-some-clothes-on or trying-to-attach-said-diaper-to-a-wiggly-toddler can certainly wear a mommy out. It’s probably why I have resorted to napping again when she does.

But this game of “no” has its chuckles.

Whenever we are in a string of “no’s” and dessert is in question, we ask if she wants ice cream and when she says “NO!” she soon realizes the error of her ways.


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