Tuesdays With Toby: Have A Drink!

If you take your sweetie swimming make sure to plan ahead and bring some fresh water for him to drink.

Toby did a little last weekend and it was pretty clear that he enjoyed every moment of it.

We went over to the arts district for some and ran into former city councilman Doug Dudrow outside there and got to talking. Well, I was talking. Toby was sniffing around and making new friends.

It was smoldering hot outside and Toby was panting pretty hard. After about 30 minutes, we said our goodbyes to Doug and hopped in the truck.

After a short jaunt to a nearby government building, I hauled the dog out of the Hades-ish hot vehicle and let him run to a small, Yep, he belly flopped right in!

After a few circuits around the pool, Toby drained about a gallon of the clean water and then plopped down, completely immersing himself in the cool liquid.

Did you know there are a few water sources that your dog should be careful to avoid?

According to vetinfo.com, you want to make sure the pooch doesn’t drink ice / snow water, salt water, certain tap water, stagnant or moldy water and water from a dirty dish or toilet (Some of those are really nasty options, but you know about gross dog habits—like when you’re in another room from your dog and you hear him lapping, knowing he’s not drinking from his dog bowl. Sick!).

So if you take your sweetie swimming—you know he’s bound to gulp up the water—make sure to plan ahead and bring some fresh water for him to drink.



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