Tuesdays With Toby: Stubborn Love, Separation Anxiety

Hyattsville, how does your pup feel about you leaving him alone?

I’m desperate. Toby’s desperate.

How do we reconcile our with my need to leave the house sometimes?

Toby is six years old, but still very puppy-like. , he hopped into the technician’s lap and curled up. His body was way too big for her and she gently reminded him that puppyhood is over. Still, he didn’t flinch.

I’m not sure if his young-at-heart-ness is the reason why he is glued to me all the time. He follows me everywhere, even if I’m in the same room as him Most times this is endearing—heck, it’s always endearing—but it also can be inconvenient.

For instance, over the past two weeks, Toby hasn't let me leave the apartment without him. He wiggles between the door and me and out into the hallway. This poses a problem when I’m off to because dogs aren’t generally allowed in council chambers. , offering to get his and even closing the door on him.

Still, he trots into the hallway, turns around to face me, and then sits down (I think he does this because he knows his center of gravity while sitting makes it harder for me to drag him back inside). my pointer finger is wagging. Steam is almost coming out of my ears. I usually end up “hugging” him around his barrel and walking/pushing him inside as he braces against the doorjamb with his front paws.

Stubborn love.

Once I left a bone on the floor for him when I left, hoping that would soothe him a bit. When I got home five hours later, the bone was in the same place as when I’d left. Toby immediately greeted me then trotted over to the bone and gobbled it up.

Even a treat couldn’t stem his separation anxiety.

Before I go on sounding like an inattentive dog mom, , his head on my pillow, my arms around his shoulders and over his belly. He’s loved beyond measure, and so am I.

But it’s still hard to run out to a breaking news scene or to meet up with friends when the dog becomes a defiant statue in my hallway.

So we’re looking for a compromise. Any ideas?



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