Update: Police Give 'All Clear' After Gas Smell On Jefferson in Hyattsville Had Some Residents Concerned

Some nearby residents reported the odor earlier this morning. City code enforcement stated it's likely due to repair of a leaky gas line.

Update, 11:19 a.m.: Purvis said the situation is over and the street is now clear for traffic to pass through unimpeded.


Police officers out near Jefferson Street at Baltimore Avenue are serving as traffic control due to an apparent gas leak in the area, said Sgt. Chris Purvis.

Posts on the HOPE listserv indicate that work was done on a gas leak on Jefferson Street and that work likely has been completed.

Some residents mentioned smelling gas this morning. City street workers are looking into the incident.

imani kazana December 10, 2011 at 12:03 PM
This incident illustrates a serious flaw in how our governments handle (or don't) the actions of the gas utility company. Residents near any leak location should be notified and given the opportunity to evacuate while a repair is underway. Those who live within a "potential impact radius" (PIR) from the pipeline segment in question should receive temporary relocation assistance if they need it. The current practice of the utility keeping citizens uninformed and unable to make personal safety decisions should be changed. Allowing the utility company to play "Russian Roulette" with our lives in secret should be changed, particularly since most of the nation's natural gas pipelines are aged and in dire need of replacement. An entire neighborhood in SanBruno, California was destroyed just over one year ago, and several people died, because of there was an inadequate system of communication, notice and evacuation between their gas company and the public. We citizens in Avondale, your unincorporated neighbor to the south, are trying to make change so we don't end up like those in SanBruno. We suggest that you do the same. Imani Kazana


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