HVFD Fund Drive Begins This Week

Volunteer fire department sends out mailers to area residents soliciting funds.

For 125 years they have helped you when your house is on fire, when you're lying mangled in a wrecked car, or when you're choking on a piece of hard candy. So this week, area residents are being asked to help the Hyattsville Voluntteer Fire Depratment during its annual fundraising drive. 

The HVFD is a non-profit fire, rescue and emergency medical services station. Its primary response area is municipal Hyattsville and University Park, but staff and volunteers are frequently dispatched across the area. 

The station is staffed by volunteers on weekends, evenings and holidays. Career staff man the station during business hours. Volunteer staff take the vast majority of the calls which go out to the station.

According to a message from HVFD President Dave Iannone sent out to susbscribers to the HOPE email list, mailers will begin to land in area residents' mailboxes this week soliciting funds for the drive. 

Donations are being solicited online and off. Those who want to donate by snail mail can make a check or money order out to the Hyattsville VFD at PO Box 5275, Hyattsville, MD 20782.

The fire department is also selling 125th anniversary commemorative challenge coin sets to raise funds.


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