N. Carolina Police Investigating DeMatha Prostitute Fling

Local police in Morrisville, NC have opened case into reports that five DeMatha football players hired prostitutes in their town.

Police in Morrisville, NC are investigating following a season-opening road game victory over Durham-based Hillside High School last weekend. 

According to Stephanie Smith, public information officer for the town of Morrisville, police have an open investigation into the incident. Citing the unfinished investigation, Smith was unable to release much information about the incident. 

According to Smith, the incident apparently occurred at a Holiday Inn in Morrisville near the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Smith said that prostitution is not a big problem in Morrisville, a 7-sq. mile town with a population of 20,000 near Durham. 

"This isn't something I've known of happening before," said Smith, commenting on the rarity of high-school athletes involved in prostitution transactions in the area. "This stuff doesn't come up ever in this town."

Morrisville Police Chief Ira Jones also said that while prostitution is not unheard of in his town, it's not a big problem either. 

"Being in such close proximity to the airport, we've had that issue in the past with prostitutes," said Jones. "But it's nothing that no other progressive city or town isn't dealing with."

Late Thursday night, in the early morning hours after their rout of Hillside. According to the Post, two players involved have withdrawn from the school, two others face expulsion and a fifth was slated for a disciplinary hearing today. 

Earlier today, DeMatha by the player's actions at the team hotel. 

According to the release, McMahon said that the players were able to sneak the prostitutes into their hotel room at 5 a.m., about an hour after chaperones had conducted a final check of the hallways. The school had 18 chaperones and coaches on the trip overseeing the 65 student athletes. 

McMahon said that school administrators first learned of the scandal on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Jones said that his police department was notified of the incident by school officials two days later on Thursday afternoon. 

Corey Somers September 08, 2012 at 02:05 AM
If this wasn't DeMatha it wouldn't be news. I'm shocked that this story (which is a perfectly "normal" want for a teenage boy) is more newsworthy than the stabbing by Northwestern kids (which is not a "normal" act).
tcmitssr September 08, 2012 at 03:58 AM
DeMatha is a disgrace! It's reputation has always been as a jock school rather than anything remotely athletic. The principal and football head coach should either be fired by the Archdiocese or forced to conduct an independent review panel of all athletic events for a period of years going back into the past. As one DeMatha mother said on the news tonight, (paraphrasing) "finally, something hasn't been swept under the rug." Sunshine DeMatha, ask the Archdiocese to conduct an outside independent investigation as to how you run your sports programs. If not, immediately fire your principal and football head coach
tcmitssr September 08, 2012 at 04:01 AM
@Corey, what's "normal" about teenage boys/athletes at a Catholic school hiring hookers at 5 AM when their last bed check is at 4:30 AM. Bed checks at 4:30 AM? I thought DeMatha as a Catholic school would have students of sufficient character such that bed checks would be unnecessary, much less the last one at 4:30 AM.
Sheila September 08, 2012 at 03:05 PM
How can you make slurs about an entire school and not even mention the individual students? You are missing the point entirely! The SCHOOL didn't hire prostitutes, five individuals did. Point your finger where it belongs.
tcmitssr September 08, 2012 at 04:43 PM
The finger squarely merits being pointed at all of DeMatha and the jock culture it has embraced as its primary mission and image for decades. It is the Archdiocese's embarrassment as a Catholic secondary school. I am a Catholic who attended a Catholic high school and was an athlete. I know Catholic education in a very insightful manner due to my lifelong involvement with it. DeMatha is a disgrace. It's reputation is as a national jock school, evidenced by it's national travel schedules and being on ESPN. Sports Illustrated rated it the #2 athletic high school in the country while saying nothing about its academics. Washington is blessed by its Catholic secondary schools. Don Bosco gives the poorest of the poor a free education because the kids go to class for 10 hours a day/4x a week and on Friday work as paid interns at companies like IBM, Capitol One, etc. They make connections that set them up for college and life. Bosco schools are nationally ranked in sports but never with a scandal. St. Anselm's Abbey is rated by the Post as the best academic high school in the DC Area, even over TJ in VA. It's ranked the #1 private academic high school in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Reports. The Academy of the Holy Cross is a nationally respected secondary school for the young women it graduates who go on to prominent national leadership roles. DeMatha, it is what it is IMHO, the Archdiocese's embarrassment.
Sheila September 08, 2012 at 04:56 PM
OK, you are entitled to your opinion, but it sounds a lot like "sour grapes" to me. You STILL have not placed the blame on the individuals who, using their free will, hired prostitutes. DeMatha is not to blame for their poor judgement. My son graduated from DeMatha, was not a jock, and received a stellar ACADEMIC education. He chose DeMatha from among half a dozen Catholic schools he visited. DeMatha does work wonders, but mind control is not one of them. These boys have to account for their own actions. Oh, and by the way, I, too "know Catholic education in a very insightful manner". I attended Catholic schools all my life, sent my child to them, and have taught in them for the past 23 years. I know of what I speak.
tcmitssr September 08, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Consider DeMatha's culture. It embodies the jock mentality on a secondary school level, IMHO. Kids will be kids and do stupid things. Catholic student-athletes calling hookers on a national road trip @ 5 AM goes way beyond stupid. It speaks to a warped sense of athletic entitlement IMHO. What high school, particularly a Catholic & religious one should *need* 1 chaperone for every 4 students on a road trip? Why should room checks be required until 4:30 AM? Those students, IMHO, knew how they could pull this off. How reflective of DM's intellectual molding of their character, I think, is evidenced by that? I'll paraphrase a DeMatha mother interviewed by WJLA yesterday. The essence of her remarks were that it's about time things like this (from DM) finally saw the light of day. Ouch! Other parents said they hoped this could be put behind them and the football season continue. How convenient and easy that should be, right? I strongly disagree. Either the Archdiocese or the principal should demand a formal and independent investigation of this and its relativity to the entire DeMatha athletic program. This is the kind of situation where a principal and-or a head coach should either resign as a matter of personal accountability or be fired as far as I'm concerned. DeMatha should forfeit any away game further away than St. Mary's Riken in the WCAC for the remainder of both the football and hoops seasons as an intial internal gesture of remorse.
Sheila September 08, 2012 at 05:34 PM
Again, you neglect to place the blame on the individuals, where it belongs, period. I can see there's no changing your view. You obviously have a very large ax to grind.
tcmitssr September 08, 2012 at 05:56 PM
Rather than compare Catholic educational CV's (and mine would equal or exceed yours, depending on one's perspective) let's focus on the main issue at hand, DM's primary reputation as a national school for jocks. If we're honest with each other, I think, that is exactly what is thought about it. Your son, albeit a non-jock, got what you believe to be a terrific education from it. That's great and I'm pleased he did! You visited 6 of the 14 Catholic high schools that admit boys in the Archdiocese. Given that, you must have observed however that DeMatha is, IMHO, not the academically strongest program of them? I'd say it's closer to the bottom than the top. Would you agree that DeMatha's "rep" is for athletics at a national level? How many nationalized recognized men do you hear about in the media as "a DM graduate?" The likely ratio of those being pro athletes to: military, business, political and other leaders is heavily weighted in favor of the pro athlete, correct? "DM works wonders," I question that compared to the results of the other Archdiocese secondary schools which boys may attend. Individually, such as with your son, I will agree with you. In terms of the larger and bigger picture is where we will likely disagree with respect. Rumors about DM's athletic programs have been around for decades. Of course rumors are just that, rumors. However, will you agree with me that given "Hookergate," the time has arrived to investigate DM's jock culture?
tcmitssr September 08, 2012 at 06:14 PM
The blame doesn't solely belong on the boys, it is shared with the institution in whom they are entrusted for their Catholic secondary education. That's why they are still boys and children, not men and adults. Big difference. Would you agree if most people hear a boy attended DM, they immediately think "sports!" above anything else, first and foremost? How does that compare and reflect compared to other Archdiocese high schools teaching boys like: The Heights, The Avalon School, St. John's, St. Anselm's Abbey and Georgetown Prep? Each Catholic secondary school has a dedicated mission from the Archdiocese to grow, develop and mold the character of its students within the confines of the Catholic Church, its teachings and philosophies and the respective philosophical views of the specific religious order responsible for each individual school. The leadership and professional staff of DeMatha has the sole responsibility for providing the environment to nurture those developmental needs of each student. Certainly each boy and his parents share in that responsibility but it primarily rests on the school as representative of the Archdiocese leadership under our Cardinal. I've no ax to grind. OTOH, perhaps you are on the defensive because you are aware of DeMatha's jock school reputation, relative to your son's superior academic achievements (and again, terrific for him and your family!) while being associated with the school? It's time for DM to implement change.
Michael Theis September 08, 2012 at 08:34 PM
tcmitssr - Is DeMatha most well known for its athletic program? Yes, no doubt. But to say that it is only a jock school doesn't hold water. It ignores the 40 percent participation rate in the school's nationally recognized music program. It ignores the 13 AP courses offered. It ignores the school's two "National School of Excellence" honors from the Dept. of Education. And it ignores the six teachers who have won the Washington Post's outstanding teacher award in recent years. I graduated from DeMatha without ever being a varsity athlete. Instead I involved myself in the music program, the radio club and the student newspaper and yearbook. I can name three other journalists from my class who are now senior editors at news outlets across the state. Fact of the matter is, DeMatha has the academic honors to prove that it is one of the better educations you can get in the D.C. area.
Sheila September 08, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Well said, Michael! You are obviously a gentleman and a scholar. (Wink!)
tcmitssr September 08, 2012 at 11:29 PM
Michael - due credit for DM's music and band programs. OTOH its 13 AP courses leave many questions IMHO. Among those are: the #s of students who take AP courses, the #s allowed to do so, the average AP grade per class, the average AP grade per student overall, etc. along with other such questions? Why is DM among the *very* few Catholic & private DC area high schools who refuse to provide its AP data to the Post for inclusion in the annual Challenge Index which rates secondary schools strictly on academic achievements? That's a rhetorical question which I don't expect you to answer, being fair. OTOH, St. Anselm's Abbey is the current top rated area high school in the Challenge Index ratings and is also # 1 in the nation among private schools according to U.S. News and World Reports. Michael, compared to: The Heights, The Avalon School, St. John's, St. Anselm's Abbey, Georgetown Prep as well as the Catholic girls schools like: Stone Ridge, The Connally School, Holy Cross and Brookewood among others - do you sincerely believe DeMatha is anywhere close to their levels? Sports-wise, DM is a powerhouse, Academically, IMHO, it's in the lower tier among other Catholic high schools in the DC area. That may be hard for DM's community to accept but it is closer to reality than perhaps they want to admit. Of the 17 Archdiocese high schools, in my estimation, academically DM would likely be rated somewhere between 12-17 and likely closer to 14-15. YMMV & with respect.
tcmitssr September 08, 2012 at 11:44 PM
Sheila, I mean *absolutely* no disrespect to the significant academic achievements of your son, Michael and others DM students who have achieved academic levels equal to, or exceeding those of the 16 other Archdiocese high schools. Pragmatically and practically speaking however, DM is by no means the academic leader, or even in the top half, academically of the 17 DC area Catholic high schools, I don't think. That can be a hard assessment for a DM associated person to entertain but how many DM people yell "We're #1!" when it wins another sports championship or tournament? How many times in the past decade has DM made the semi-finals of "It's Academic?" Does the ratio of students to National Merit recipients approach those of the 16 other Archdiocese schools? The larger question is the "DeMatha culture." It's perceived, rightly or wrongly, by the public and other Catholic high schools, I think, as a "sports/jock" school first and foremost. "Hookergate" only extends that. Why does DM send teams across the nation for sports and appear on ESPN? Is it for the academic value to the school or the athletic appeal? Of course, the big bucks of the bright lights are likely the reason! Bravo to the mom on WJLA who said it's about time incidents like this get publicized. Rumors, and just that, rumors about DM athletics have abounded for years. Why doesn't DM now, step back and inspect itself via independent and outside means to prove this is indeed a "one off?"
Maria Warburton September 09, 2012 at 11:23 AM
With not even getting into whether or not 5 guys hiring 3 prostitutes, sneaking them into a hotel where the rest of the team is staying, while on a trip representing their school and family and society is or isn't a "normal want" ....isn't part of raising kids teaching them that not every "want" and impulse should be acted upon? Society would be a better place if this lesson was learned by more people and perhaps the underlying cause of both situations. Too many kids are growing up with a sense of entitlement and/or lack of an internal conscience and no concern about consequences.
Michael Theis September 09, 2012 at 12:17 PM
You are right to ask questions about a private school's performance data, and you are correct that DeMatha did not apparently release any data to the WaPo for its annual school rankings. As an alum and as a journalist, I think DeMatha (and other private schools) should release academic performance data if for no other reason than for accountability. However you classify DeMatha as one of the "very few" private schools in the area to release its academic performance data. This is incorrect. As noted by the Post, only 200 schools nationwide released their data to the newspaper for its survey. The researchers were pulling at teeth to get them. The overwhelming majority of private schools locally and nationally did not release their data. Now, having seen where kids from the various private prep schools go to college, I would say that not only is DeMatha's academic rigor up to par with those schools, I would also say that dollar-for-dollar, it's one of the best values you can get for a private education in the D.C. area. Tuition is only $13,950 per year (roughly $3,000/year more than when I went there in the late 90's). Georgetown Prep's boarding tuition is $50k/year, day school is $29.6k/year. St. Anselm's Abbey costs $22k/year. The Heights costs $21.9k/year. St. John's costs $15k/year. Rival Gonzaga costs $33k/year. Only the Avalon School, (with which I am unfamiliar) at $14k/year comes close.
Patrick H. September 09, 2012 at 12:54 PM
Private schools usually do not allow 'outsiders' to come in and inspect. This is compounded by an Archdiocese that has a reputation for coverning sex scandals. I once had a client that was suspended because he was found in possession of alcohol while on school grounds (in his car in the school parking lot). The security officer (an off duty policeman) took the alcohol away - pored it out - destroyed the bottle it was in (all - according to the officr - because those were his standing instructions from the school) and then reported it to the school only. No amount of counseling or therapy was good enough for the school in our seeking re-instatement. It wasn't until the student's dad put a new roof on the building that the school reconsidered and allowed him back in. Get real. Michael sounds like he's the marketing director for the school. It's time to shut down the athletic program and issue sanctions - then the students will learn - and so will the parents.
Patrick H. September 09, 2012 at 12:58 PM
How much of all of those 'great things' would have been possible if not for the $$$$ received by the athletic department. Just another Penn State in the making. The issue at hand is that this is a private school with some of the most immoral students on gods earth AND they learned this behavior somewhere. You decide if it was at shcool or at home. Regradless - shut down the athletics prgram - fire the coach - and expell the students WITH annotatins of immorality on their permanent records or go cry somewhere else. YOUR accomplishments are now tarnished forever because of this incident.
Patrick H. September 09, 2012 at 01:02 PM
%Sheila - The finger pointing is at a school that didn't provide enough oversight to prevent this. A school that sends students over state lines for the $$$, tv coverage and marketing opportunities. Stop telling everyone that the school and the parents shouldn't be held accountable. THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE and so are you for defending them. Do you know where your children are today?
Patrick H. September 09, 2012 at 01:05 PM
Sex sells Corey. And tcmitssr - character is learned both at home and at school. Obviously a failure in both arenas.
Patrick H. September 09, 2012 at 01:08 PM
The sweeping was begun with a 'private' investigation by the school who then talked to their attorneys and only then decided that this was too big not to report. Don't believe for a minute that a cleansed version was reported to the authorities after legal consultation. It should have been reported to the police BEFORE any internal investigation that was meant only to see if they were culpable. After all - they after to get their stories one the same page. What room checks? Knocks on doors? Did they go into the rooms and look? What a joke.
Patrick H. September 09, 2012 at 01:12 PM
All I see from you Sheila is a cover-up mentatility. The students are not at fault for doing what they are allowed to do and for learning what they are taught. The school and the parents are to blame. The students are accountable and responsible and should have consequences BUT so should the parents and the school. I can see there's no changing your view. You obviously have a very large ax to grind.
Corey Somers September 11, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Yes, let's close our eyes to the fact that teenage boys should not want sex. If these boys are in school and playing sports than they don't have time to meet a girl so they hire one. Sex is all around us....tv, internet, ads and they are supposed to see these things and then turn off any wants or desires. Get real!
Corey Somers September 11, 2012 at 11:56 AM
You go Sheila!
tcmitssr September 11, 2012 at 03:12 PM
Patrick, The fact is that many more Archdiocese secondary schools than not...allow their "numbers" be used in The Post's Challenge Index and the same applies for most private schools. Why any school would not is key and leaves numerous questions as to why it would not? How many DM students as a percentage of the student body take AP exams? How many as a percentage are even permitted to do so? What's the average score per class as well as per student? If these were numbers equal to the "successful" numbers of the athletic programs, you know IMHO that DM would be bragging about them. DeMatha's silence on these figures I think speaks volumes. As for cost, the other schools you mention do not require fundraisers, booster club activities etc. to "augment" tuition which DeMatha does according to what I've been told by some DM parents. DM's sticker price is the base price while the other schools show their net price. St. Anselm's provides extensive scholarships throughout the entire student body. Does DM? The other schools do not provide athletic scholarships, does DM? It's a question of priorities and IMHO DM's is athletics first with academics second compared to the vast majority of other Archdiocese schools. Let me put it a different way, I think the true academic students at DM provide the academic cover for the various athletes who may not be as academically interested. Hookergate remains. What else might not have seen the light of day?
simone September 11, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Our boys and girls need to be educated that in spite of the "pretty women" myth, most of the women involved in prostitution are virtual slaves who face much brutality and don't keep any of the money they earn. The average age that a woman enters into prostitution is 13 nationwide, and 12 here in Maryland. This is a typical story of the reality of prostitution: http://youtu.be/ZvnRYte3PAk
Corey Somers September 11, 2012 at 09:18 PM
If your suggestion is to shut down the athletic program so the parents and students will learn....what punishment should we have for the schools who have stabbings & shootings in them?


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