Police Operation Results In 305 Arrests

Joint operation in Prince George's County closes 330 warrants.

A joint warrant operation conducted April 16-27 in Prince George’s County resulted in 305 arrests and the closing of 330 open warrant cases, according to a press release from the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office.

Several suspects who were brought into custody had multiple warrants, resulting in the higher number of warrants closed.

Seven law enforcement organizations worked together to serve the warrants, including the Department of Corrections, the Maryland State Police (Forestville Barrack), the Greenbelt Police Department, Seat Pleasant Police Department, the Prince George’s County Police District IV, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshals Service, according to the release.

 “This has to be one of the best warrant sweeps we’ve conducted,” said Cpl. William Milam of the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Press Information Office. “Anytime you can partner with other law enforcement agencies, it’s going to help you bring in a lot of closed warrants.

Among the arrests made were “two attempted murder suspects, 18 suspects of drug related crimes, and 15 robbery and burglary suspects,” according to the release.

The operation was funded by a grant from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, which the Office of the Sheriff received last summer. Leftover funds were put toward the most recent operation, said Milam.

Milam said that the operation did not specifically target warrants for particular crimes. “When you get grant funding like that from the governor’s office, I think you’re just trying to close as many warrants as you can,” he said.

 “Whenever we can get any type of grant funding like this it just enables us to deploy our resources to try to catch some of these subjects with open warrants, “ he added.

“With the state of the economy right now it’s difficult for people to accomplish what they set out to with their departments, so whenever we can get extra money and we can deploy these resources, it’s extremely helpful.”

Overall, 1,148 open warrants in Prince George’s County were closed as a result of operations funded by last summer’s grant from the governor’s office.


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