Anti-Graffiti Cameras Could Catch Vandals

Hyattsville City Council set to give final approval for purchase of two automated anti-graffiti cameras.

The is one step closer to purchasing two new automated cameras to use to combat vandalism in graffiti prone areas. 

Back in May, the Hyattsille City Council approved a request from the police department to apply for an About two months later, in early July, the city was notified that it had been awarded $11,000 from the federally administered local-law enforcement grant program to go towards the new equipment. 

The cameras, called FlashCAMs, are made by Q-Star Technology. The units feature a digital camera inside a weatherproof metal box and wired to a strobe flash and speaker system. Triggered with a motion sensor, the cameras are able to take a picture and play an audio message warning ne'er-do-wells away. 

Tonight the city council will consider granting final approval of the purchase. The city council will take up the matter at its meeting, set for 8 p.m. in the Hyattsville Municipal Building on Gallatin Street.


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