Council Approves Demolition of West Hyattsville House

Dilapidated Jamestown Road house soon to be no more.

One blighted house in West Hyattsville will soon be nothing but a memory. Last night, the Hyattsville City Council approved a $14,570 contract with American Enterprises, Inc. to demolish an abandoned home at 2805 Jamestown Road. 

The 792 square foot house is currently dilapidated and overgrown with vegetation. The house is a victim of foreclosure and is currently owned by the bank. 

In mid August, the city received a court order authorizing the demolition and razing of the building. 

In the long term, the demolition won't end up costing the city any money. The city will use a lien to recoup the cost of the demolition when the property is eventually sold.

FRANCINE ABELL (ROCKELLI) December 04, 2012 at 01:51 PM
One down, how many more to go?


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