Council Tackles Budget Measures Tonight

Host of budget measures up for consideration, including controversial capital improvement plan.

The Hyattsville City Council gathers for a special session later this evening. There, they will debate a suite of budget measures which, if approved, could see the city move closer to meeting its self-imposed end of April deadline to get a budget passed. 

First up, the city council will get a look at five-year projections for the city's general fund. 

Then, under action items, the city council will be the 2013 special revenue fund, and the 2013 debt service fund. 

The city council will also consider an overall budget ordinance which officially sets the general purpose budget appropriations and tax rates for the city. 

As previously reported, and the budget as presented so far is fairly flat,

It's likely that the council will table votes on all of the action items. for not including cost estimates for the University Hills streetscape improvement project. The council at large has been hesitant to pass budget measures on the first night they are introduced, as well. 

The city council will also discuss the hiring process for three top-level vacancies currently open in the city administration; the city administrator, the city clerk and the director of the Department of Public Works. 

The city council also has a closed session slated for the tail end of the meeting to discuss personnel issues.


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