Council Votes McKnight, Hiles Into Executive Spots

Mayor Marc Tartaro suggested that the council president’s and vice president’s terms be shortened from two years to one year.

Councilman Matt McKnight (Ward 3) is the Hyattsville City Council’s new president, despite initial back-and-forth over him and Councilwoman Paula Perry (Ward 4) for the top spot.

At its first meeting on May 16, the council, with couldn’t agree upon who should work with Tartaro on the board’s executive committee.

McKnight and Perry were both nominated for council president, but the council was unable to make a choice and decided to table the matter until its May 23 meeting.

Initially, McKnight took five votes, while Perry garnered four. Tartaro did not vote.

Years ago, the council decided that Roberts Rules of Order would provide rules of procedure for council business except when superseded by the City Charter or another act of the council, according to former Councilman Chris Currie (Ward 1).

According to Roberts Rules, “if a quorum is present, a majority of those present and voting shall be sufficient to make the act an act of the body."

Since such was the case on May 16, McKnight won the vote.

“After consultation with our attorney and an ,” Mayor Marc Tartaro said at the May 23 council meeting.

Perry thanked City Attorney Richard Colaresi for his clarification on the matter, stating that she was the one who called him because she “wanted clarification on the Roberts Rules of Order and because I didn’t want the council to be torn apart.”

Councilman David Hiles (Ward 2) won the spot of council vice president in a 5-4 vote over Councilman Tim Hunt (Ward 3).

“Congratulations or condolences, as the case may be,” Tartaro, who did not vote, jokingly said. “The important thing is that everyone will have a chance to do the job, if not this year maybe next year.”

Hiles accepted the congratulations.

Tartaro suggested that the council president’s and vice president’s terms be shortened from two years to one year. The council did not discuss that issue further at the meeting.

Here is the vote count for council vice president:

David Hiles Tim Hunt Ruth Ann Frazier (Ward 5) X Paula Perry (Ward 4) X Carlos Lizanne (Ward 4) X Nicole Hinds-Mofor (Ward 5) X David Hiles (Ward 2) X Matt McKnight (Ward 3) X Tim Hunt (Ward 3) X Candace Hollingsworth (Ward 1) X Shani Warner (Ward 2) X




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