Doc Drop: Human Resources Director Contract

Contract lays out the structure under which new Human Resources Director Chris Vermillion will work.

Through Maryland's Public Information Act, Hyattsville Patch has obtained a copy of the contract for

First off, the contract lays out a $110,00 per year salary. It's a one year contract with an automatic one-year renewal clause. If Vermilion decides to find employment elsewhere, he will have to give at least 30 days notice. 

The first six months of Vermillion's employment sees him working as a probationary employee. During this time, Vermillion will also be subject to two performance reviews. After that, Vermillion will be subject to annual performance reviews every November. 

If Vermillion's performance is questionable after six months, the city can opt to extend the probationary period another six months.  

During Vermillion's probationary employment period, the city can opt to terminate the contract if it provides Vermillion with 30 days notice. After that, the city can opt to terminate the contract for cause with only 14 days notice. 

Now, if the city decides not to renew the contract after two years, it must provide Vermillion with 60 days notice. 

However, if the city were to suddenly run out of money to fund the Human Resources Director position, it could dissolve the position and pay Vermillion three or five weeks of severance pay depending on if he has worked for seven or more years for the city. 

According to the contract, Vermillion accrues vacation and sick leave at the same rate as regular city employees. It also provides him with health, life insurance and a retirement fund. 

Vermillion, a former Army attack helicopter pilot, by the city after


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