Elections: Comic Relief Offered Through Some E-Debate Questions

You can read the full version of these responses on the Hyattsville Wiki, but here are a couple appetizers.

Some of the Hyattsville City Council candidates took the time to thoroughly answer the lengthy city e-debate questionnaire on the Hyattsville Wiki. Some of the questions were hysterical though:


43) Would you work to liberalize Hyattsville’s laws regarding public nudity, and support a nude sporting events, such as a nude 5K race, or a nude bicycle ride, or nude flag football?

responded by saying, "Yes, I like nude things."

if similar answer by referring readers back to the question, "What will you do to liven up the Council meetings?"


Here's another funny question Patch thought you'd enjoy:

69) According to the book of Genesis, God created light and the separation of day and night on day one, but it wasn’t until day four that God created the stars. So, where’d that light come from on day one?

Brophy said, "From God, ‘cause he created it, according to the book of Genesis. We are all entitled to our miracles, it is so if you think it so."

Tartaro did not respond to this question.

did not respond to any questions on the questionairre.

Patch encourages you to read all the candidate responses. Brophy's, however, seems to offer the most comic relief.

Don't forget, Wednesday evening is the city's candidates debate at City Hall.


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