Elections: Connor Wilkinson

At 19, Connor Wilkinson is Hyattsville's youngest candidate for City Council in 2011.

Hyattsville Patch is seeking to run short profiles on We will ask each candidate the same questions but candidates may respond to them as they see fit.

Profiles will run in the order in which the candidates respond. Each candidate will be asked at least twice for their participation.


Name: Connor Wilkinson, lifetime resident

Age: 19

Occupation: Student at UMBC studying history and political science. Pursuing certificate in education.

Family: Mother -- librarian; father -- NASA engineer; one sister.

Hometown: Hyattsville, MD

Qualifications: Wilkinson said that While working with the Boy Scouts, he learned how to work within a hierarchy of an organization. This experience also helped him build good communication skills. His work as a soccer coach has helped teach him how to set goals, he said.


Three most important city issues and how they should be addressed:

1) Residents

"Growing up in the city ... I geel that there is some [issue] that the city has been more focused on ... bringing in more capital and that's fine. But I think residents are feeling neglected."

Wilkinson said the city should start with the youth -- through mentoring and getting involved in recreational activities. Second, the city work with its seniors to become "a place that they can stay their entire lives."

2) Education

"The city itself can't take charge of schools ... I would like to see the community take ownership of the schools. Promoting a culture of success and hard work," Wilkinson said. "It's not fair to write these [public] schools off but there is some truth to [their poor reputation]."

Wilkinson, who attended St. Jerome School and later DeMatha Catholic High School, said he'd like to see residents step up to help tutor and mentor students.

3) Public Works

"The roads and sidewalks are not up to the standards that they need to be," Wilkinson said. "[We need to] improve the city but not against what the residents want."

Wilkinson mentioned the areas along Crittenden/40th Place and along 38th Avenue near Hamilton Street.


Contact Information:

Phone: 301-356-4155

E-mail: connor3@umbc.edu

Facebook site: Connor Wilkinson for Hyattsville Ward 2 City Council Member 2011


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