Elections: Marc Tartaro

Hyattsville City Council President Marc Tartaro is a candidate for mayor.

Hyattsville Patch is seeking to run short profiles on We will ask each candidate the same questions but candidates may respond to them as they see fit.

Profiles will run in the order in which the candidates respond. Mayoral candidates will be posted first. Each candidate will be asked at least twice for their participation.


Name: Marc Tartaro, Hyattsville resident since late 1980s

Age: 56

Occupation: Architect with the Smithsonian Institution

Family: Children Nick and Julia

Hometown: New York, NY

Qualifications: Experience on the Hyattsville City Council as a ward representative (Ward 1), vice-president and president. Senior level management experience. Commissioner of PGSI league at Magruder Park.

  • B.S. in Architecture from the Catholic University of America.
  • Licensed architect in multiple states and Washington, D.C.


Three most important city issues and how they should be addressed:

1) Supporting Education

"It's really important on a lot of different levels in terms of attracting people [to Hyattsville] ..." Focusing resources and volunteer resources in schools and in doing that, engage seniors. Tartaro would like to be an outspoken proponent at Prince George's County and state levels for public schools.

2) Change Council Process

Tartaro said he would like to engage more people in the council process and have the council members do more work as opposed to what the mayor has done, historically.

"We need to be proactive and not reactive," he said. "I want the council to be ahead of the curve. We have an opportunity to really change the way we're doing things here."

3) Issues Concerning Aging Population

"Sustainability is good for the environment," Tartaro said, adding that as people age, they should be able to consider their current home for their golden years.


Contact Information:

Home: 301-927-6424

E-mail: mtartaro@hyattsville.org

Facebook site: tartaro4mayor


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