Elections: Tim Hunt

Hyattsville Councilman Tim Hunt (Ward 3) is running for re-election in an unopposed race.

Hyattsville Patch is seeking to run short profiles on We will ask each candidate the same questions but candidates may respond to them as they see fit.

Profiles will run in the order in which the candidates respond. Each candidate will be asked at least twice for their participation.


Name: Tim Hunt

Age: 38

Occupation: Homemaker, has lived in Hyattsville (and pre-annexed area) since 2001.

Family: Married to wife, Karen, with two sons Gabriel, 2 and Evan, 5.

Hometown: Fort Washington, MD

Qualifications: "The things I've run on in the past is I've tried to be a transparent and independent public servant for the benefit of the residents and I think my record has reflected that."

"I've worked to be a consensus builder ... to bring people together who don't always agree on things ... in an effort to move forward and to bring a consensus."

"It's important to me ... to ascertain what the needs of not just the majority but of all people are."

Examples Hunt gave: Wells Run MOU, community garden, street rehabilitation in University Hills.

Three most important city issues and how to address them:

1) Capital Projects

"We've got five buildings, two of which aren't used and we need to figure out what to do about that. BB&T and the Arcade building."

"We've got major street rehabilitation projects both here in University Hills and on Crittenden Street that we need to take care of."

"I think we need real leadership to move those forward. Our dollars are being spread out over many years and the decisions that we make now are going to ripple for many years to come. We don't want to mess that up. It's important not to."

2) Setting the Budget

"Assessing our needs and how we want to direct city resources. How do we want our tax money being spent? That's our job and we need to do that."

3) Operations

"I just like for things to run as efficiently and effectively as they can. I find joy out of getting something to operate in the manner in which it's intended to operate, whether it's an old clock ... There's a beauty in getting something to work in the manner in which it's intended to work. That's the way I like to see my role in government is to do the best I can to put those operations in place so we can have an efficient system that can address the needs of the people."

Contact Information

Phone: 301-422-2047

Email: timhuntward3@gmail.com

Facebook: timhuntward3



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