Hyattsville Arts District Residents Support Whole Foods in Riverdale Park

To read what they said, check out the PDF files attached to this story.

While mixed feelings have surfaced locally over the Whole Foods store proposed for Riverdale Park, some residents a mile down the road support the idea of another option for specialty shopping.

Hyattsville’s arts district is still in the throes of development. As of today, EYA’s East Village—which is now owned by Streetsense—includes a Chipotle, Elevation Burger, Big Bad Woof, Essential Day Spa, Yogi Castle, Busboys and Poets and Yes! Organic Market. Tara Thai is expected to open any day and Spice6, and Indian restaurant also is in the works.

But some who live across the street from these haunts want more.

To them, variety is the spice of Hyattsville life. To that end, they drafted an e-mail of support for Whole Foods and sent it to county and local officials, including Mayor Marc Tartaro and County Councilman Will Campos (Dist.2), of Hyattsville. The document also went out to Riverdale Park Mayor Vernon Archer and University Park Mayor John Tabori.

To read what they said, check out the PDF files attached to this story.

Jim Groves September 07, 2011 at 05:35 PM
Hmmm, well, the letter is very good and I think it's great that the community got together to send this letter. While I think good can come from this development, I am not quite there to have my name listed as a supporter of the development nor did give permission. Not a huge deal, just know that if someone asks me why I support the whole foods, I'll say that I can see good and bad. My major concern is the environmental impact which no one seems to be too concerned about. There has been little to no discussion about making the development through LEED construction, the water run-off plan is simply not workable, no talk of solar, no talk of geothermal or any other green construction.


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