Hyattsville Asks Residents to Hold Yard Waste

Following storm, city discourages discarding derecho debris immediately.

City officials are asking that all Hyattsville residents hold their yard waste for collection until July 9. Because of the Independence Day holiday, there will be no yard waste collection this week.

"This ensures that organic material will be properly recycled, which saves money and reduces the environmental impact," read a bulletin posted to the city website. 

According to Sandel, it costs $54 for the city to take one ton of trash to the dump, but organic material like yard waste costs half of that.

"I know they are anxious to get yard wast picked up and throw it in the trash," said Sandel in an interview. "If people are really eager to get their yards cleaned up, smaller branches should be bundled and put into the trash cans."

The city also plans to offer limited wood chipper services on the week of July 9, but specific plans have not yet been released.


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