Hyattsville City Administrator Resigns Amid Criticism

Gregory Rose, who has been Hyattsville's City Administrator for less than a year, will leave his post Friday.

After less than one year of service, has resigned, effective Oct. 7.

After a three-hour closed session discussion, the City Council voted 7-4 to accept Rose’s resignation letter, which was dated Oct. 1. He will be paid until Jan. 18, the end of his contract, but his last day of work will be this Friday.

Rose offered the council two options in his letter—either leave his post now or stay on board until his contract end date. The council, despite protest from several of its members, decided on option one.

Council Members Timothy Hunt (Ward 3), Nicole Hinds-Mofor (Ward 5), Shani Warner (Ward 2) and Candace Hollingsworth (Ward 1) voted against the motion. Hunt offered an amendment to the initial motion, stating that for the good of the city, the council should permit Rose to stay on board until Jan. 18.

That motion was downed by all but Hunt, Hinds-Mofor, Warner and Hollingsworth.

No reason was given for Rose’s departure, but over the past couple months the council has, during public meetings, repeatedly criticized Rose’s work. At Monday’s meeting, several council members, including Mayor Marc Tartaro, told Rose they were concerned about his lack of progress on hiring a human resources manager for the city.

Rose said he was unclear on the council’s wishes, adding that it did not provide him clear direction.

It is not yet clear who will serve as acting city administrator. Vincent Jones, former assistant city administrator, resigned his post last summer. In times past, Hyattsville Police Chief Douglas Holland has served as acting administrator while former administrator Elaine Murphy was on leave.

Shani October 05, 2011 at 09:27 PM
I would hate for a reader to get the wrong impression of this situation from a characterization of Mr. Rose which bears little resemblance to the man I know.  It is wise to refrain from commenting about an internal personnel matter--a policy my more experienced colleagues are following--particularly since there was a difference of opinion among people who all share the common goal of doing what's right for Hyattsville and who will have to work together to see the City through the consequences of Monday's decision.  However, I would like to make it clear that I found Mr. Rose to be hard working and professional.  He was a pleasure to work with and I have no reason to question Mr. Rose's integrity.  I am sorry to see him go and wish him well as he leaves to be with his family. Shani Warner Hyattsville City Council Member, Ward 2
Maxine October 06, 2011 at 12:10 AM
Brad, you worked for the City of North Las Vegas...while not exactly a star employee, weren't you also let go from the City of Henderson? Let's not throw stones....
Sarah Nemeth October 06, 2011 at 02:42 AM
Thank you everyone for your comments on this story. It's great to hear your thoughts. One more thing we'd like to get your thoughts on: Who should serve as acting city administrator once Rose leaves? Check out the poll on the homepage and weigh in if you'd like. --Sarah
Pablo the Planner October 06, 2011 at 06:41 PM
Its good to hear you let off some steam Brad. However, I don't agree 100% with everything you divulged within your comment. Yes, Mr. Gregory Rose had negotiated one hell of a contract (at CNLV) that was like nothing I had ever heard of before for a CM. But by all means please back up and look at the big picture with regards to what happened in late 2007 thru early 2008. What happened? There was a confluence of multiple events: The Housing Market peaked and then went bust, CNLV hadn't really gotten to the point were it could safely say that its economy was diversified, the Las Vegas Valley was still dependent on two economic drivers (and still is today) Gaming/Tourism and Construction, some bad decisions were made via political expediency, pressure from special interests, and third party socio-economic analysis/projections that were based on previous (10-20 years) explosive growth. In addition, CNLV approved some pretty juicy Union contacts with multiple Unions from 2006 to 2009. Last but not least, throw in the So. Nevada economy (high unemployment, no $ for small businesses to take risks, and all the foreclosures and short sells) and BAM your in a hole that is filling up with water. Take notice here Brad, I didn't even mention the new WWTF or the new City Hall and no I didn't even say a word about the POA or IAFF, nor did I mention the name(s) of past or present elected officials. Why? Because it just doesn't matter! Gregory warned us back in the Spring of 2008.


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