Local Councils Ask To Review Adelphi Intersection

Hyattsville, University Park want county to review signaling at Adelphi Road and Wells Parkway

Do you have a hard time making a left turn across Adelphi Road when it's busy? How about walking across it when pedestrians have the right of way? Elected officials in Hyattsville and University Park want the county to re-evaluate the signaling at one intersection along the busy north-south thoroughfare which straddles the border between the two communities. 

In response to complaints from area residents, officials from the city of Hyattsville and the town of University Park are asking the Prince George's County Department of Public Works and Transportation to consider adjusting signal timing for pedestrians and adding a protected left turn arrow at the intersection of Wells Parkway and Adelphi Road.

Last night, the University Park Town Council unanimously approved requests from the city of Hyattsville to ask DPWT to review the signaling at the intersection. 

In University Park, though, some town council members had reservations that adding a left turn signal at the intersection could encourage motorists to use Wells Parkway to cut through to East West Highway. 

It should be noted that any cut through using Wells Parkway to go between Adelphi Road and East West Highway would be rather circuitous, involving at least six turns and passing through 12 stop signs.


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