Mapping Bicycle Improvements in Hyattsville: Part II

Updated map now shows locations of confirmed and planned bicycle racks in city.

We recently showed you a map of planned extensions to Hyattsville's currently small bicycle lane network. But there's more to bicycle infrastructure than simply putting down bike lanes. That's why the Hyattsville City Council recently approved a

In light of this news, the Hyattsville Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Map has been updated with the locations of the planned bicycle rack expansions. The map is also embedded above this article for your viewing pleasure, along with the official city bicycle rack map which formed the basis for this update. 

A few notes: 

  • Red points are confirmed locations of new multi-bicycle racks
  • Green points are potential locations for new multi-bicycle racks
  • Roads along the Route 1 corridor highlighted in blue are the general location of confirmed new parking meter-mounted bicycle racks. 
  • Purple points are confrimed locations of new post-and-ring racks. 
  • Yellow points are potential locations of new post and ring racks. 

The rack locations are overlayed on top of a map of the planned bicycle network extensions in Hyattsville. Red routes indicate phase 1 improvements to be built over the next year. Green routes indicate phase 2 improvements to be built within two years, and blue routes indicate potential future cycle network routes. 


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