Mapping The Budget: West Hyattsville Blues

Councilors Paula Perry and Ruth Ann Frazier said that West Hyattsville is neglected in the proposed capital improvement plan. Are they right? See where the city plans to spend its money over the next five years.

Council members Ruth Ann Frazier (Ward 5) and Paula Perry (Ward 4) both Mayor Marc Tartaro's because it does not invest heavily enough in West Hyattsville. 

And when the spending is plotted on a map, it's hard to disagree. Perry noted that the only real infrastructure improvements called for in her ward in the five year, $9.1 million budget planning document was the construction of bicycle lanes on Nicholson. Frazier criticized what she saw as the city's over-emphasis on the Route 1 side of town at the expense of the neighborhoods in the Queens Chapel and Ager Road corridor. 

"I want some money spent in ward 4 and ward 5," said Frazier. "Forget about the bbt building, and forget about the arcade building, and put up something for people to enjoy."

The issue takes on racial and ethnic implications when one considers that West Hyattsville contains the largest concentration of Hispanic residents in the entire city. Ward 5 is home to the three most heavily Hispanic census blocks in the city. 

Those very implications informed a recent debate about

Jen Kubit April 27, 2012 at 02:35 AM
Not sure if you noticed this, but the only flag that appears in West Hyattsville is for city wide bike and pedestrian improvements whereas the other flags are specifically for those marked blocks or buildings
Michael Theis April 27, 2012 at 03:07 AM
I did notice that, one of the reasons I placed it there is because West Hyattsville is actually going to get quite a lot of bicycle lanes. All of Nicholson Street is receiving bike lanes on both sides, if I understand correctly. I believe it was this project which Councilor Paula Perry was referring to when she said that there was only one project in the CIP in her ward.


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