Pay Boost Proposed for City Rec/Arts Director

After pulling double duty for nearly a year, Abby Sandel is up for a pay raise.

After serving as the acting director of Hyattsville's Department of Recreation and Arts for close to a year, city Communications Manager Abby Sandel is up for a monthly bonus.  

Tonight the Hyattsville City Council will consider a measure which would extend her contract through July 14, 2012 and would give her a $2,000 monthly bonus.  

back in July 2011. Since then, her appointment has been extended twice. 

According to documents before the city council, the move would not impact the current budget because the bonus would be paid fro vacancy savings. 

The city also has high level vacancies in a number of departments. In addition to the Arts and Recreation Department director vacancy, the , the Code Enforcement Office supervisor, and the and positions are all being filled in stopgap capacity.

Scurvy May 08, 2012 at 01:46 PM
This bonus stuff is ridiculous. Either hire someone new or give the job to her full-time. Why must we do everything so half-cocked?


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