Slow Morning So Far in Maryland Primary

Election workers report light turnout, smooth voting as 2012 primary election gets underway.

It's been a slow but smooth morning so far for local polling places today in Maryland's 2012 primary election. 

For instance, down at Hyattsville's Municipal Building on Gallatin Street, , only 13 people had cast ballots by 8 a.m. 

"So far so good, but it is a bit slow," said election judge Freddie L. Colston in an interview. "We had one person at the door for a 7 a.m. ballot, and slow after that."

Hyattsville resident Heather Olsen, an active member of the Prince George's County Republican Committee, didn't let the slow pace at the polls dampen her enthusiasm. No, the Republican Presidential candidates seemed to have that taken care of. 

"I'm supporting Romney, not out of any particular preference for the candidate, but because I thought it was time to get behind an ultimate nominee," said Olsen with a heavy dose of resignation. "I actually didn't make up my mind until last night."

For Olsen, it's time for the GOP to unite behind a nominee. 

And while she wasn't thrilled with her presidential candidates, she said she voted for Republican Senate candidate Dan Bongino with more enthusiasm. Bongino is one of 10 Republicans and nine Democrats who are seeking to oust Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) from his seat. 

Meanwhile, up at Hyattsville Middle School, it's been so slow that election workers there had not taken a voter count by 8:15 a.m. 

"Hyattsville is always predominantly Democratic," said chief election judge Gloria Rodriguez, explaining the low turnout. "I thought because of Obamacare that there'd be a lot more interest, though."

Husband and wife David and Ellen Levy, after voting at Hyattsville Middle School, said that the process went smoothly. 

"It's easy," said David. "Though I want them to bring back lever machines," 

He joked that he regretted that he was a registered Democrat because he "could not cross over" and vote for Rick Santorum in the Republican presidential primary. 

Both David and Ellen said they voted for incumbent Democrats Sen. Ben Cardin and Sen. Stenny Hoyer. 

"This is one time where we voted the same way," said Ellen. 

Hyattsville Patch will have regular updates throughout the day to let you know of conditions at polling places. Stay tuned for more updates. 


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