Pinsky on Prince George's Gambling: Too Early to Tell

State senator said competition from other casinos could spell trouble for legalizing gambling in Prince George's County.

State Sen. Paul Pinsky (D-Prince George's) said that it's still too early to tell

"We don't know yet," said Pinsky yesterday during a town hall meeting hosted by Prince George's County Council member Will Campos (D-Hyattsville).

"I generally have not been a big fan of gambling," said Pinsky. "I'm just afraid that a lot of people lose their rent checks and their mortgage checks. I'm also concerned that it could lead to an increase in crime."

Pinsky said that he understood the interest which

"It's a great location, and they want to attract more visitors, and I think that's great," said Pinsky. "If they want to take money away from people, let it be from people from out of the county."

But Pinsky noted that meant that it was unclear if a Prince George's gambling bill would pass the state legislature anytime soon.

Any bill expanding gambling to Prince George's County would need the support of county and state elected officials before Maryland voters would get a chance to weigh in through a referrendum. 


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