Police Measures Dominate Council Agenda

Hyattsville City Council considers a number of law-enforcement related agenda items tonight.

A number of police and law enforcement measures go before the Hyattsville City Council tonight. 

As reported earlier today, the city council will consider accepting grant funds for a and other local law enforcement agencies. The training program was suggested by the Local Government Insurance Trust, which provides insurance for the city of Hyattsville and other local Maryland governments, which was concerned about the record of lawsuits and other claims filed against the city police department. 

In addition to that, the city council will consider a measure to reclassify two acting corporal position on the police department to full time corporals. Readers may remember that the as a result of   

And while it's not disclosed in council documents, one can reasonably assume that the city council will be going into closed session to consult with city attorney Richard Colaresi over the A measure to go into closed session is the last item on tonight's agenda.

The Hyattsville City Council meets tonight at 8 p.m. at the Hyattsville Municipal Building on Gallatin Street. Residents can watch the action on Hyattsville Community Television on Comcast cable channel 71 or Verizon cable channel 12.


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