Pr. George's Headlines: Deputy Kills Armed Resident, Four Face Homicide Charges from 2010 Incident

Officials wonder if HOAs are liable in pit bull attacks, Bowie State student acquitted of murder charges, Pr. George's Democrats pick Ross' replacement, blog tries to out "racists" by posting shocking comments—many by young people sl

A deputy killed armed resident, questions arose over homeowners associations liability in pit bull attacks, police charged four men with homicide upon the death of a 2010 shooting victim, Bowie State student acquitted in murder trial, Pr. George's Democrats pick Ross' replacement, blog tries to out "racists" by posting shocking comments, in Prince George's headlines.

The county police are now charging four men in a homicide after a 2010 shooting victim died from complications from his injuries.

Council Grapples with Pit Bull Liability

Could HOAs, cooperatives, condominium associations, or even cities be held liable in pit bull attacks, under the latest Maryland Court of Appeals ruling? Greenbelt city officials grapple with an issue that could impact all of Maryland.

Pr. George's Sheriff Deputy Kills Armed Resident While Serving Order

An armed Riverdale man was shot to death by a Prince George's County Sheriff's deputy. The shooting occurred at 6312 63rd Avenue around 7:30 p.m., after Deputy Sheriff Paul Perriello attempted to serve a Temporary Peace Order on Franklin H. Sweeney Jr.

Not Guilty: Bowie State Student Acquitted of All Charges. After deliberating for less than three hours, the jury in the Bowie State murder trial has just delivered a verdict of not guilty on all counts for defendant Alexis Simpson, according to a spokesperson for Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks.

Pr. George's Dems Select Replacement For Ross

Campos Aide Alonzo Washington to serve remainder of Justin Ross' term in Annapolis statehouse.

Website Calls Out Authors of Racist Anti-Obama Posts

The site includes two young commenters from Maryland.


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