SPEAK OUT: Best Speaker of Wednesday’s DNC’s Lineup?

Former President Bill Clinton headlined a list of speakers.


More prominent Democrats spoke Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention. The hopeful and forward-looking tone of Tuesday’s speakers was replaced with targeted barbs at the Republican candidates and the GOP platform. Former President Bill Clinton formally re-nominated Barack Obama as the Democrat candidate.

We want to hear from you: Which speaker during Wednesday’s Democratic Party event left the biggest impression on you?:

  • Former President Bill Clinton, who positively spun President Obama’s recovery plan into a reason to re-elect him.
  • Elizabeth Warren, who offered the made-for-social media quip that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan “would pulverize financial reform, voucher-ize Medicare and vaporize Obamacare.”
  • New York Sen. Charles Schumer, who felt that Romney’s “rarified life” was not something to base a political platform on.
  • Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, who likened the GOP's interest to ending access to birth control to waking up “in a bad episode of Mad Men.”
  • Former factory worker Randy Johnson, who faulted Romney for “making money without a moral compass” and “putting profits ahead of people like me.”
  • Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen, who countered many of the comments made by RNC speakers about the genesis of the current financial crisis, stating “they should have pointed to the debt clock showing $16 trillion and proclaimed ‘We built that!’”
  • Sandra Fluke—who Rush Limbaugh called a “slut” after her testimony before Congress about birth control—when she described two possible futures for the country.
  • Former Costco CEO Jim Sinegal, who presented a case for re-electing Obama from a business perspective.
V. Scheurich September 12, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Obama condemns Romney before.................condemning terrorists! When will Barack Obama's "Apology Tour" begin for Libya's killing of 4 Americans? http://weaselzippers.us/2012/09/12/obama-campaign-condemns-romney-before-condemning-terrorists-who-attacked-our-embassies/
B Allen September 16, 2012 at 12:17 PM
Well, you know "slick willy". Obama offered clinton a paid position if he gets re-elected. Clinton did not mean a dang word he said, he plays to the crowd and that is what he does best. Hell, you know him, he "did not really inhale", when he smoked pot. Hell, he half steps on that also and admits it. But ask the women that he molested and used while as Gov in AK and in the white house, when using his cigars on Monica and then smoking them. BTW, how did he get all that money he and Hillary have, oh yeah, from the days Hillary was ties into the BOD at Wal-Mart and the Wal-Mart stock they purchased when they went public and at a reduced rate. Anyway, I can say that the dumbest speaker was •Elizabeth Warren or was it Charles Schumer, or maybe it was •Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards or it could have been •Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen (NOW HE is an idiot), but it could have been •Sandra Fluke who wants taxpayers to pay for her Birth control...HELL, she is majoring in Law, she should get a f+++in job and pay the $20/month for her own pills or she can have all her men use condoms....BUT I would venture to say that Marty NOmalley takes the cake...He really put his foot in his mouth this time. Even the left wing medai people think he is an idiot. BUT, I will tell you who was the best....CLINT EASTWOOD.... He did a pretty good job at making the the pres out what he really is...MISSING and the democrat party out to what it really is...


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