New Hyattsville Middle Principal, PTA Members Talk Shop

The county cut after school sports for middle schools, but new HMS Principal Kimberly Washington said she would like to offer intramural sports and partner with Nicholas Orem Middle School for that.

Despite some cuts around the county school system, is fully staffed with instructors this year.

Members of the met with new principal Wednesday to talk about their goals for the 2011-2012 school year.

There are three new staffers at the school this year and two of them are secretaries. Prince George’s County Public Schools slashed one-half of a dance instructor and one-half of an orchestra instructor.

But Washington said she’s asking the teachers that remain to pick up that slack and offer rich, well-rounded classes, and perhaps offer a hip-hop type dance class.

The county cut after school sports for middle schools, but Washington said she and partner with for that. HMS has the sports equipment but would need to pay teachers who might be leading the program.

**Check back Monday for more of Washington’s proposed changes!**

Another big change Washington has in mind involves the school’s web presence. The website will be revamped and Washington said she has all the information she needs to have it updated. The school calendar of events and activities will be kept online, she said.

PTA member Mary Resing said last year the PTA had a schedule of activities listed online but did not think that was a good idea. Long also didn’t believe in after school dances and thus cut off the monthly dances held under Principal Gail Golden, PTA member Kristi Janzen said.

“I love the idea of an after school dance,” said Washington, who has two school-age children herself.

The PTA will meet the second Tuesday of each month this year, . The group is also planning a picnic near the start of the school year for parents to meet Washington.


buckeye July 31, 2011 at 10:43 AM
Great. She wants a hip-hop class. No mention of being on a school improvement plan. No mention of failing to meet the Adequate Yearly Progress goal for 2011. No mention of anything academic, at least as reported here. But maybe the kids can learn hip-hop.


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