Superintendent Hite Finalist for Philly Schools Job

Prince George's County Public Schools superintendent is a finalist for superintendent job in Philadelphia.


Prince George's County Public Schools may be hosting a superintendent search if current superintendent William H. Hite is named and accepts a job with the public school district of Philadelphia.

Hite announced in a letter to Prince George's County parents and school officials late Friday night that he was named a finalist for the superintendent job in Philadelphia.

"While I have not sought out other professional opportunities, I have been approached on numerous occasions and have turned them down," Hite wrote. "However, my wife Deirdre and I believe this is an opportunity that we must explore."

Hite said that despite the fiscal challenges Prince George's public schools have faced, he's proud of the progress and of what the school system has accomplished.

Pedro Martinez, the deputy superintendent in Clark County, NV, is the other finalist, according to The Washington Post.

Hite has been the PGCPS superintendent for three years, since April 2009, although he served as the interim superintendent for five months before becoming superintendent.

Robert way June 25, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Philly Please hire him!!!
Donald James June 25, 2012 at 03:53 PM
They just never like to stick around in PG County. Montgomery and Fairfax have superintendents that stay for years. Prince Georges loses superintendents every few years! What's this about?
RBG June 26, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Until our community puts a priority on education for our children and back it with the proper resources by alowing an increase in taxes to support education and then attract major businesses here outside of food, hotel and now gambling industries who want to be proactive and hire local residences, our county will always be a layover stop for the up and coming senior educators in this country! As the purportedly richest black county in the Nation it's a shame we have such a poor education system. We still have that "I have mine and you got yours to get" mentality instead of adopting a "cooperate and graduate" mentality!


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