UMd. Students Still Have Hyattsville Shuttle

Shuttle-UM Route 113 was on chopping block, but student groups pressed for it to be continued.

University of Maryland students, faculty and staff have at least one more year to use Shuttle-UM 113 to get between several Hyattsville locations and the school's College Park Campus, according to The Diamondback. 

The bus route was on the chopping block, with the route scheduled to be discontinued later this month, as a result of declining ridership and the loss of the route's former sponsor, the University Towers student apartments. But negotiations between student groups and the Department of Transportation Services resulted in the route being kept and expanded to several more locations than it served in the past. 

The Department of Transportation Services will only fund the route for one more year, according to The Diamondback, at a cost of about $88,000. A new sponsor would be needed to underwrite the route after that or else it will be on the chopping block again. 

The new expanded route will travel as far south as the intersection of Farragut and Route 1 in Hyattsville, far beyond the  previous last stop at the University Town Center student apartments near the Prince George's Plaza Metro station. 


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