Meet Carolina, the Southern Belle

Sweet Carolina is an affectionate, playful and good-natured Basset Hound mix in search of a loving home.

Meet sweet Carolina, an adorable Basset Hound/Border Collie mix with a friendly disposition and an engaging spirit. Carolina is not your typical laid-back Basset Hound; she still has a nice mix of youthful energy and playfulness to share with her new family. She’s only about a year and a half old and weighs 28 pounds, has a sweet smile, big brown eyes, cute floppy ears and a gorgeous, shiny black-and-white coat. She is a friendly, affectionate pup who would be great with kids and other dogs, and is always up for a new adventure.

Carolina was rescued out of a shelter in rural South Carolina after being seized by animal control and removed from her home. She was diagnosed and treated for heartworm, which is transmitted by mosquitos and could have been avoided with proper care with a monthly heartworm preventative. Fortunately, heartworm is a very treatable issue, especially in such a young, resilient pup like Carolina. She’s one of the lucky ones and is well on the road to recovery.

Mutts Matter brought this sweet southern belle to the metro region to find her new family. She’s staying with one of our new foster dads, Larry, who is recently retired. Larry read the in the Columbia Patch and decided to give it a try. He wanted to see if he was ready to take on full-time dog ownership again, and realized that he could help a dog in need in the process.

Carolina has settled in quickly to Larry’s home and follows him around everywhere—he calls her his shadow. He describes Carolina as a very loving, sweet, and easy-going dog who is submissive and gets along with everyone. She has been around the family children ranging in ages from 15 months to ten years, and is well-behaved and respectful with the kids. She is very social and people-oriented, and would make an excellent family dog.

Carolina is still a young pup and is learning what’s expected of her. She’s smart, treat-motivated, and eager to please, which makes training easier. She’s crate-trained and potty-trained, and already knows some basic commands like “sit.” Larry has been working with her to sit and wait while he puts on her leash to go for a walk, and she is very patient with him on the steps and is learning to sit and wait for her food. Food and walks are her favorite things, and both still get her excited, but she’s learning to settle down to get what she wants. 

When I met Carolina to take her photos for her big Patch debut, she was rearing to go. She greeted me with enthusiasm and kisses, and promptly laid next to me and rolled over to solicit a belly rub—also high on her list of favorites. I watched her play and she made me laugh when she threw her favorite stuffed toy bear up in the air, running around the living room to catch it, completely entertaining herself. We took a walk to the park, and, even though she was a little excited and jumpy at first, she quickly settled down and was very easy to manage. She loved being out and about greeted people with ease, and she started running and prancing and rolling around in the open grass in pure doggy glee.

Carolina is an active, fun-loving, and well-adjusted pup who will make a great addition to any family. 

To learn more about Carolina, go to the Mutts Matter Adoption Page and fill out an application, or you can contact Suzanne at suzanne@muttsmatterrescue.com.


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